LAQI and Improve4all announce mutual cooperation partnership

Panama City, October 9, 2015 Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI) and Improve4all signed a mutual cooperation agreement to help transform how companies and institutions in Latin America and Europe are using shares of Quality Management and Sustainable Development among its customers and consumers, as well as information on decisions towards their stakeholders.

This alliance represents the commitment of LAQI and Improve4all to pursue common goals for quality management and sustainable development in Latin America and Europe, focusing on the following areas:
Promoting Quality and Sustainable Development
They seek to promote the use and knowledge of Quality and Sustainable Development, by educating local businesses on their value as an economic engine, guiding them in improving practices in the implementation of effective solutions in these areas.  
Integration and exchange of InformationA set of online tools to help improve business decisions of all sectors and professions in Latin America and Europe will be integrated. This joint action will allow access to relevant information, encouraging commitment to participate and support actions in the field of Quality Management and Sustainable Development within the managements of the companies.
"Through the agreement LAQI-Improve4all, we want to address in the responsible development of companies both America and Europe. This partnership represents our commitment to further enrich business decisions under a sustainable approach to achieve higher levels of productivity and effectiveness", said Dr. Daniel Maximilian Da Costa, CEO and Founder of LAQI.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline van Rijswijk, founder and owner of Improve4all added: “At Improve4all we believe that truly excellent organizations make the world a better place. I am therefore very happy and honored to enter into this partnership with LAQI. With all that is going on in the world today, it seems to me that international partnerships that cooperate and exchange high-standard sustainable organizational practices, is an important step in creating a sustainable future for us all.”

With the development of new solutions to improve business decisions, LAQI and Improve4all will enrich and further promote the Quality and Sustainable Development in their spheres of influence.

About Improve4all
Improve4all supports and promotes sustainable excellence for any type/size/sector organization worldwide, including quality management, sustainability and strategy development, and corporate reporting (sustainability reporting and integrated reporting). More information:


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