Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI) and Czech Society for Quality (CSJ) signed an agreement of cooperation

Panama City, July 2018 - Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI) and Czech Society for Quality (CSJ) signed an agreement of cooperation that will help in the development of Latin American and European entrepreneurship, establishing Total Quality and Sustainable Development guidelines in the management of member companies Organizations.

In this sense, the present alliance represents the commitment of LAQI and Czech Society for Quality to pursue common objectives in favor of Sustainable Development and Quality in the world, highlighting in the following areas:

Promote Quality and Sustainable Development - seek to encourage the use and knowledge of Quality and Sustainable Development, educating local companies about their value as an economic engine and guiding them in the best practices and implementations of effective solutions in these areas.

Integration and exchange of information - will integrate a set of virtual tools to help improve the business decisions of all sectors and professions of Latin America, Europe and Asia. This joint action will allow access to relevant information, promoting the commitment to participate and support actions in the field of Quality Management and Sustainable Development within the companies' management.

In this context, the CEO and Founder of LAQI Dr. Daniel Maximilian Da Costa and the Chairwomen of Czech Society for Quality Ing. Elena Stibůrková  underscore  the importance of this strategic alliance in benefit of the world business through the commitment of the organizations to sustainable business development in Latin America and  Czech Republic teaching new knowledge in business management that will enable them to achieve the goal of Total Quality.

In this way, Latin American Quality Institute responds to its commitment to develop new solutions to improve business decisions. LAQI and BEX Institute will be able to enrich and continue to promote Quality and Excellence in their sphere of influence in the five continents.

About Czech Society for Quality (CSJ)

Czech Society for Quality are an independent, non-political, and non-profit organization. We cooperate with international (e.g. EOQ, European Organization for Quality) and national partner organizations. In order to expand our services, an Excellence Centre and Centre of Technical Standardization were formed within our organization.


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